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A process control and automation solution for remote applications.
Our Story

Research started in 2008 as a response to a very real problem that two engineers noticed while visiting a Tank Storage Facility in South Texas.  The infrastructure was old, dangerous, and totally out of date but with enormous possibilities that modern technology could bring to the environment.  As the tool pusher began to relate the problems he faced on a daily basis, it soon became clear that these problems were not unique to this location.  They were shared by all those working in Storage Facilities all around the globe. 

After a dangerous climb up an old ladder attached to an antiquated but in-service storage tank the journey of addressing multiple issues began. This included technology improvements that would help to solve problems such as improper grounding of the storage tank to the tank truck as it loaded the product, a better way of gauging tank volume, content and quality in real time without using antiquated processes and making sure the oil to water ratio was correct every time without any arduous process or procedures. All of these problems and many more were solved by an invention sure to revolutionize how storage facilities operate in the future. 


The team developed a series of software algorithms, D0D level encryption processes and a hardware device that is easily deployable and scalable throughout the entire facility.



GoGuard reduces unauthorized access, controls oil, water, and gas separation processes, and collects data to be transmitted to an offsite location for further analysis, while protecting the environment, for the following types of applications:
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Petroleum Storage & Transportation

Server Installation

Facility Electrical Systems

Business Office

Smart Building Operations

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Water Treatment Facilities

Automation Solutions

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