P.O.P. Golf

Modern research by the National Golf Foundation indicates that U.S. golf course rounds of play are in steady decline.

  • 15,372 courses in the U.S. down from a peak of 16,052

  • Number of golfers down to 24.7 million from over 30 million

  • 200,000 players ages 35 and younger "abandoned the game"  (Millennials)


Once presented to Structure, utilizing extensive internal and external SWOT analyses, significant research and analysis, as well as current marketing trends, we determined a way to create a better experience for the Millennials. Millennials wield $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.  Our approach:

  • Go mobile, integrate technology

  • Create a rich, engaging experience

  • Be social

  • Create loyalty


A golf course management solution integrating technology to create operational efficiencies and enhance the golf experience was developed. 


Through research, we learned there are a significant number of good solutions to enable golf course owners and managers to run the business. We developed the solution allowing existing products, with open API the ability to integrate into the solution. The customer who already has a solution benefits with additional functions, features and makes it possible for organizations to protect the value of their overall investment. 

POP Golf.jpg