Make Networking a Good Use of Your Time

Networking can be a fabulous way to meet people who can advance your business. It can also be a complete waste of time. Here are some tips to make it count.

Research who will be at an event before you go.

What’s the purpose of the event? Is this your target audience? Don’t waste your time meeting up with the same people you see in other circles. If you’re not sure, call the organizer and ask who will be there.


Prepare your “elevator pitch” and know what you’ll say. Think of ways to start a conversation with a potential client.

Meet New People

It’s tempting to want to gravitate toward familiar faces. But you’re here to make NEW connections. Trading business cards is not enough. Connect.

Follow Up

When you’ve made a connection, tell them what your next step is, and DO IT! Will you email an article you discussed? Will you call to set up a meeting?

Be sure you’re spending time with like-minded business people who can advance your business.

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