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I was reminded of an article this weekend on Entrepreneur website with an excerpt from Jeffery Hayzlett’s book Think Big Act Bigger after receiving some great news. His approach of helping others makes him a great leader. Jeffery notes: Simply put, people serve people, not companies. That’s the key to the undervalued leadership component of likeability: a genuine “servant mentality.” Leaders must be willing at any time to ask anyone they connect to:

• How can I help you? • What can I help you with? • What can I do?

Recently, I received an invite to a Senior Night from the parents of a great kid I coached in the baseball league in my community. The school will recognize the senior Baseball athletes at a local high school prior to one of the last baseball games. This week, he is signing a scholarship to play baseball in college and has a bright future. I was one of his first baseball coaches and it is an absolute honor the family thought of and invited me.

The league was started in our new community the year before with only 148 kids and 2 fields in decent enough shape to allow the kids to play baseball. As part of the group that started the league, it took a lot of time, energy and effort to start the league. Teamwork was essential and as our community grew, so did the league. Ten years later, the league is averaging over 500 players per season with 4 fields, batting cages and facilities that will rival some high schools.

Serving others is very important to me and our organization. It is an honor to help other companies achieve their goals and success as reflected in Our Core Values:

Our company is comprised of individuals who are passionate about business, entrepreneurship, serving and helping others. We believe that doing business is all about building long-term relationships and trust.

Our mission is to provide integrated technology and business process solutions that improve productivity, profitability and reduce risk for our customers.

I would like to personally thank the 100+ clients I have been able to serve throughout my professional career!

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