Customer Spotlight, Rise Industries

We are very lucky to be able to work with all sorts of companies in various vertical markets. Our biggest successes are with the business owner or leader that has a true passion for his or her business. Mike Dieterich is one of those owners.

RISE Industries, founded by Mike Dieterich, a world-renowned environmental scientist, is based on a mission that envisions a world where there is balance between profit, people and the environment. His consulting company, Renew and Sustain, helps communities and organizations find sustainable yet profitable solutions for over a decade.

RISE Industries is a leading manufacturer of modular buildings that boast Net Zero Energy, Zero Water, and Zero Waste. Available to residential, retail, commercial and medical facilities, RISE buildings can be adapted to create everything from school classrooms and pop up retail to Emergency Response Units.

RISE uses shipping containers which are retrofitted using environmentally-friendly technologies (solar, water reclamation, and waste management). Each unit is operationally Net-Zero Energy, Zero Water, and Zero Waste. In addition, the cost to acquire, build out, retrofit, ship, and place each unit is substantially less expensive and quicker delivery than traditional construction, with a zero waste manufacturing process.

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