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Founded in 2016, RealReq LLC was established to create tools to help commercial real estate brokers more efficiently find the right commercial real estate space for their clients and to better market their listings.

The tools were developed by a veteran commercial real estate broker who became frustrated with the typical CRM tools and web based major listing sites who charge exorbitant monthly fees. He wanted a simplified approach to help his team communicate internally with customer requirements and opportunities while being able to get those out to the brokerage community in a simple format.

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Out of this frustration, the requirement driven tool was born, RealReq. RealReq is a simplified approach, which allows commercial real estate brokers with client requirements to connect with brokers marketing properties which match those requirements.

RealReq teamed with Structure, a business process technology consulting group headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, to build the solution. Structure was founded by Mark McComb with over 35 years of business experience and 25 years of experience creating technology solutions in the Houston area. The Structure team developed the first Minimum Viable Product.

The team also added Steve Watts, a veteran engineer of over 40 years, to bolster its technical credentials. Steve has since redeveloped the product into its latest form.

RealReq, LLC was formed with the intent of delivering practical, yet innovative, marketing solutions to the commercial real estate industry at an affordable price.

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